Backcare Awareness Week (6th-12th October)

Back pain is a major issue within the UK.  The annual cost of back pain to the UK economy is estimated as being close to £9billion (comprised of a cost to the NHS of £4billion per annum, and  a cost to the UK exchequer of £5billion per annum for the 2.7million people on incapacity benefit due to back pain) [The British Pain Society – FAQs 2014].  However at the moment society as a whole does not fully recognise the size of the problem or the impact that back pain has on society [, The Charity for Back and Neck Pain, 2014].

Backcare is the leading UK charity for healthier backs and was founded in 1986 to help to increase awareness of the problems of back pain, and to provide a source of information and support to all those who experience back pain, or who deal with those affected by it.  These include back pain patients, families of those patients, and the National Health Service.

As part of their efforts to increase awareness, Backcare hold an ‘awareness week’ every year, during which they remind us of the importance of maintaining ‘good posture’ and ‘stress free’ living for a healthier back.  Each year they focus on a specific back pain ‘theme’, and this year their focus is on office workers, due to the millions of working days that are lost each year due to work-related back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders amongst office workers.

You can find out more about Backcare’s Awareness week, including their key messages, by visiting [].  It is important to remember that Backcare are a charity, and therefore they rely upon charitable donations in order to be able to continue all of their excellent work in the field of back pain awareness, research and education.

Gentleheat Limited, designers and manufacturers of the innovative ‘Gentleheat’ heat therapy product for mid-lower back pain relief, are therefore proud to announce that we will donate £5 to Backcare for each and every Gentleheat Heat Therapy Starter Pack sold during Backcare’s Awareness Week (6th – 12th October 2014).

Heat therapy is a popular treatment for consumers requiring mid-lower back pain relief.  According to the 2014 article by, ‘Benefits of Heat Therapy for Lower Back Pain’, heat therapy acts as a warm compress which can stimulate the sensory receptors in the person’s skin, decreasing the pain signals to the brain.  The warm compress stretches the soft tissue surrounding the spine which includes muscles, connective tissue and adhesions, making them more flexible.  The final reason they suggest for using heat therapy treatment for mid-lower back pain relief, is that the heat provided by the warm compress can dilate the blood vessels surrounding the muscles in the affected area, which will then increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the specific muscles.

Our goal is to make Gentleheat the heat therapy product of choice for consumers seeking mid-lower back pain relief.  Gentleheat offers almost-instant heat-up, to a maximum temperature of 43°C, and stays there consistently, subject to battery charge and our recommended heat therapy session maximum duration of 2-3hours.

Gentleheat is also battery operated, therefore you are free to enjoy heat therapy treatment on-the-move, and while benefitting from our comfortable and gently supportive neoprene belt.

Discover the benefits of Gentleheat Heat Therapy for mid-lower back pain relief, and purchase at []



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